This morning the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, was rebuked by a woman in an act. She is she tried to snatch the microphone from her as she wanted to make a series of claims but before she could do so the security service stopped her. The woman managed to get the words out. “We don’t have pediatricians at the hospital (Brandsen), the kids don’t learn anything at school”.

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This incident sparked a discussion among political figures via Twitter.

The former governor of the Buenos Aires province, Mary Eugenia LifeHe criticized the current official saying that “I should listen to her“, referring to the woman who intervened in his speech.

The responses of the ruling party were not long in coming. The provincial deputy and militant of La Cámpora jose ignacio rossi answered him “Greetings ex-governor” At the same time, he criticized her “Let’s remember the importance of choosing a political representative committed to our rights and needs. We cannot allow the neoliberal recipe of the past to be repeated, which only generated indebtedness and inequality in our country.”

Fernando Raitelliwho is a councilor and deputy from the front of all, joined this virtual debate and remarked “Former governor, I tell you that the Brandsen hospital is municipal. As the neighbor said, there is a lack of pediatricians because the salaries paid by the Macrista mayor, Daniel Cappelleti, are miserable. The lady went to the event because she got tired of not being listened to in the municipality. Don’t lie anymore”

On the other hand, the governor was also supported by people from her own block (together for the change) such as the provincial deputy of Buenos Aires, fernando rovello what did he say “This is what happens when you govern for more than 3 years without listening to the people” in the end, hitting Axel Kicillof’s account.