At the age of 86, the writer, translator and literature teacher, María Kodama, died. In addition to her own work, she was well known for being the last wife of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. She died this same March 26 in the Buenos Aires party of Vicente López, due to breast cancer.

He graduated in Literature and in a course he met Borges in 1974, with whom he began to relate due to their shared interest in Anglo-Saxon languages. In 1986 they got married, shortly before the death of the writer. Since then, she has worked for preserve and disseminate the literary legacy from the Argentine She was founder and president of the Jorge Luis Borges Foundationwhich is “dedicated to the dissemination of the work of Jorge Luis Borges, contributing to its knowledge and promoting its correct interpretation”says its official website.

Kodama was born in Buenos Aires in 1937, the daughter of María Antonia Schweizer, of Swiss-German, English, and Spanish descent, and the Japanese chemist Yosaburo Kodama. She was the author of works such as “Atlas”; “Tribute to Borges”; “Badge Punched”; “Aterstallaren”; “Atlantean”;

Borges and Kodama were married only during the year 1986, since they were married on April 26 and the writer died on June 14, 1986 in Geneva, Switzerland, due to liver cancer. She was 49 years old and he was 86.