Once again Space Channel C prepared to receive a new artist for this summer season 2023 in Villa Carlos Paz. This time it was the turn of Mariana Clemenceau, singer of the show “Cacho Garay, and we came back just…”the work that is being presented at the Zorba Theater with great success.

Clemenceau is a flamenco singer, who lived in Spain for 12 years, and who has been accompanying the comedian for some time now in the shows he is presenting throughout the country. “My participation is totally musical, we are living it very happily, happy every night, connecting with the public and making them sing. They are magical nights, nights to get excited”expressed the artist about the landing of the show in the mountain town.

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Regarding the musical number that she has in the work, the artist explained that she shares the stage with another extremely talented singer: “In the show Cacho had the idea that I do classic songs that people sing along with. I have an excellent stage partner who is Verónica Masías “Bambi”, she does lyrics, she has an incredible voice, so we are going from the Spanish even the lyrical to live a magical night”.

Referring to how they are experiencing the success of this season, Mariana Clemenceau said: “We are very excited, Cacho really likes to be on the pedestrian street, to walk and have contact with the public. Although he advances half a block and can no longer continue because people surround him, they take photos and we just stay there”. And he added: “Carlos Paz is a magical place, it is my first time in Carlos Paz. Although I have been accompanying Cacho for a while, it is my first time because he has not been to Carlos Paz for eight years. So the affection of the public is tremendous and I’m enjoying it step by step”.

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