Summer 2023 featured talented performers: magazines, varieté, comic and dramatic theater, dance, singing… Nothing was left out. And the show created by Mariquena del Prado called ‘Algarabía’ is one of the most complete proposals in Villa Carlos Paz.

Horacio Sansivero, its author, was speaking with Ivana Merlo in Espacio Canal C ‘draged’ with everything that characterizes her character: striking blonde hair, colorful and large jewelry, striking clothes, and makeup that no one goes unnoticed.

There he said that his character is extremely loved, especially by older adults throughout the country, and that more and more space is beginning to be made among the youngest members of the family, since “they see her as a doll” with whom they want to take photos. on the streets.

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“I always did the summer season in Mar del Plata, I did about twenty. And in Carlos Paz I started to add a few years ago, this is the fourth or fifth”, Mariquena account. “First year that I come with my own show”recounted.

merriment “It’s a super show. People buy it easily, and word of mouth really works. We have a lot of ticket sales thanks to the people who recommend it, because we don’t have sponsors, we’re not TV artists but underground artists. I think that’s what makes the show interesting. The fact that there is no one who is known makes it interesting. People leave very grateful.”

Together with a great cast -made up of Jona Martini (Dancer), Lucía Berecibar (Dancer), Mimí Nervios, Mago Raffer, among others-, Sansivero, creator of Mariquena del Prado more than twenty years ago, brought a show to Villa Carlos Paz You can enjoy ‘Algarabía’ from Tuesday to Sunday at 10:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. at Teatro Bar (Av. Gral. Paz 2).

Listen to the full note: