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Martín Fierro radio: all the winners

The Martín Fierro radio award gala was held again this Saturday night in person after the stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic with a ceremony held at the Golden Center in Parque Norte, and was updated by delivering the statuettes corresponding to 2019, 2020 and 2021.

In this sense, Guido Kaczka won the Martín Fierro de Oro corresponding to 2019, Alejandro Dolina that of the 2020 season and Lalo Mir was consecrated with the 2021 top prize.

The following is the complete list of awardees:

Martin Fierro Gold 2019: Guido Kaczka

Martin Fierro Gold 2020: Alejandro Dolina

Martin Fierro de Oro 2021: Lalo Mir

Awards for the 2019 season

News Service: News Service (CNN)

Best sports commentator: Daniel Cacioli (Del Plata)

Voiceover work: Luis Albornoz (La Red)

Weekly general interest: What a night Teté (Tete Coustarot – Radio 10)

Musical program: Classic of classics (Eduardo de la Puente- Rock & Pop)

Weekly newspaper: The scalded cat (Am 750)

Best Sports Reporter: Walter Nelson (The Network)

Sports journalistic work: Sergio Altieri (La García – Am 750)

Journalistic work: Jorge Lanata (Lanata without filter – Mitre)

Radio daily general interest: El club del Moro (Santiago Del Moro – La 100)

Humorous work: Ariel Tarico (Chronicle of an afternoon announced – Rivadavia)

Driving work: Guido Kaczka (Not everything has been said – La 100)

Evening / night newspaper: Sunset of a hectic day (Sergio Lapegüe-La 100)

First morning morning newspaper: And now who can help us? (Ernesto Tenembaum- Radio With You)

Second morning morning journalistic: Chiche’s super morning (Chiche Gelblung – Rivadavia)

Awards for the 2020 season

Musical program: Songs are loves (Nora Perlé – Mitre)

Sports journalistic work: Gustavo Grabia (And now who can help us – Radio Con Vos)

Voiceover work: Fernanda Carbonell (La 100)

Journalistic work: Nelson Castro (Chronicle of an announced afternoon – Rivadavia)

Weekly general interest: Mancini 910 (Fernando Mancini – La Red)

Best sports commentator: Gustavo Lombardi (Mitre)

Weekly journalistic: News air (Sandra Borghi and Gonzalo Aziz – Miter)

Informative service: Rotary of the air (Rivadavia)

Radio daily general interest: Revenge will be terrible (Alejandro Dolina – Am 750)

Best sportscaster: Leo Gabes (Continental)

First morning newscast: Pancho’s Tapas (Pancho Muñoz – Am 750)

Sports program: There is good football here (Fernando Mancini- La Red)

Daily evening / night newspaper: Bravo continental (Fernando Bravo – Continental)

Driving work: Alejandro Dolina (Revenge will be terrible -Am 750)

Second morning morning newspaper: Lanata without a filter (Jorge Lanata – Mitre)

Awards for the 2021 season

Journalistic work: Cynthia García (La García – Am750)

Best Sports Reporter: Gabriel Anello (Mitre)

Musical program: Eternally Beatles (Martín Aragón – Del Plata)

Sports journalistic work: Gustavo López (A good moment – ​​La Red)

Voiceover work: Lalo Mir (National Radio)

Weekly general interest: They say they say (Alberto Lotuf – Radio Con Vos)

Best sports commentator: Gustavo López (La Red)

Weekly journalistic: All with affection (Alejandro Apo – National)

Second Morning Newspaper: Street Dogs (Andy Kusnetzoff – Urbana)

Informative service: Informative Am 750

Radio daily general interest: Behind what we see (Claudio Villarruel – Am 990)

Driving work: Pepe Gil Vidal (Coffee with Pepe – CNN Radio)

First morning newscast: La García (Cynthia García – Am 750)

Evening / night newspaper: Bread and circus (Jonatan Viale – Rivadavia)

Unified awards

Work in operation: Rubén “Cacha” Paredes (Novaresio 910 – La Red)

Best musicalization work: Cristian Raimundi (Fm Blackie)

Cultural / educational program: History of our history (Felipe Pigna – National)

Mobile: Alan Longy (Am 750)

Production work: Emanuel Herrera (La García – Am 750).

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