During the interview, he highlighted his management in the mayor’s office of the capital and made proposals for the future. Llaryora emphasized the importance of establishing subdivision plans with credits from Banco de Córdoba to promote the Home building. In addition, he raised the continuity of the First Step Program (PPP) and the creation of a similar program for people older than 45 years.

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In relation to his housing proposal, Llaryora explained that it seeks to follow the social housing policy and establish a subdivision plan with bank loans so that people can build their own home. The candidate mentioned the success of a similar project implemented in San Francisco, where the awarded lots resulted in construction in a short period of time. Regarding the First Step Program, Llaryora assured that he will continue with this initiative and proposed extending it to people over 45 years of age, providing them with training in companies at no cost and granting equal opportunities to men and women, including people with disabilities.

During the interview in chain 3 Llaryora referred to her opponent, Louis Judge, and asked voters not to opt for those who have already failed in the past. I also add: “To say that I have to do with what happened 24 years ago is a total lie. Luis Juez governed four years and blew up the municipality. He doesn’t know anything, they sent him as an ambassador to Ecuador and we still have to apologize. No function could fulfill. Judge is going to throw us back 40 years.” Llaryora stressed the importance of the union and rejected political polarization, noting that his objective is to build a new party in Córdoba with different lines of thought.