Within the framework of the activities for the 450 years of the city of Córdoba, the current mayor Martin Llaryora highlighted the progress and works carried out during his administration in a speech. Llaryora highlighted the inauguration of the Teatro Comedia, the recovery of Parque Las Heras and Plaza España, among other works that have contributed to the revitalization of the city. In this sense, he stated that celebrating the 450th anniversary of Córdoba is a reflection of the constant improvement and recovery that he has experienced.

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The mayor also mentioned the upcoming elections and expressed his support for Daniel Passerini as a candidate for mayor. Llaryora highlighted the qualities and preparation of Passerini, highlighting his experience as vice mayor and his knowledge of the municipality. In addition, he emphasized the importance of continuing the works in progress so that the city continues to grow and develop.

Given the possibility that Rodrigo De Loredo, the JxC mayoral candidate, is elected instead of Passerini, Llaryora stated that he would have no problem in dialogue with all political sectors. He highlighted the importance of dialogue and the need to work together across political differences, emphasizing that this is part of his generation.

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