Economy Minister Sergio Massa announced the implementation of a new special exchange rate for regional economies affected by drought and late frosts, while leading an act in Mendoza together with Governor Rodolfo Suárez.

“We have made the decision to work on an export promotion program as we did with other value chains from November 20 to December 30,” Massa reported without specifying the exchange rate at which it will allow producers to export.

The head of the Treasury Palace anticipated the sending of some $1,500 million to the Andean provinces in non-reimbursable contributions to assist producers affected by the drought and a 50-month credit program at a fixed rate that will begin to be repaid from month 19.

“Specifically, just as at some point we made the decision to promote the agro-export complex of the soybean chain, all the economies that enter the Fair Prices program and the protection program, the producers, between November 20 and 20 December, they will have a differentiated and promoted exchange rate”, announced the official.

During it, Massa said: “In some way the emergency has to force us to work together regardless of political flags.”