Serge MassaEconomy Minister, announced on Tuesday that the new floor of the Income Tax which will be in force from November, of $330,000, will benefit “almost 380,000 workers”, during an act that he led in the La Isla de La Banda industrial park, in Santiago del Estero. Later, he replicated this information on his social networks.

The minister also stressed that, with this measure, salary improvements in this part of the year will not be affected by the tax. Salaries of up to $330,000 will thus be exempt from the December bonus.

The head of the Treasury explained that the measure that had been informally announced at the beginning of the week is part of the work carried out by the national government so that “the macroeconomy is ordered” and “the worker does not suffer every time he goes to the supermarket.” On the other hand, he emphasized that this measure seeks that “Argentine workers, when they work an extra hour or receive a per diem or work a weekend, do not end up losing what they earned with their work with the Income Tax. Our objective is to defend the entry”.

“In this way we reaffirm our commitment that only 10% of workers with better salaries pay Income Tax,” he argued.