The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, announces measures to boost consumption and provide relief to monotributistas. The single tax categories will be updated and credits will be offered at subsidized rates.

Portfolio sources anticipated that they will be updated from July billing limits of the single tax categories by 41.52%, in accordance with the last two quarterly adjustments of retirement mobility. In this way, at the time of the recategorization of July, the comparison of the invoicing of the last 12 months will be made against the updated value.

In addition, they will announce a credit line at subsidized rates of 43% for two years for 1.4 million monotributistas for the acquisition of equipment and tools for production and work.

Update of monotribute categories

The income parameters will be updated by 41.52% in line with the retirement mobility index of the last two quarters, which were 17.04% in March and 20.92% in June.

In this way, it will avoid that many of the three million monotributistas go to higher categories or are directly expelled to the general regime, due to the mere effect of inflation and go to the General Regime, having to pay VAT and Profits, which leads to an increase in the tax pressure.

Thus, category A would go from a billing limit of $999,657.23 to a maximum of $1,414,714.91, and the maximum category, K, would go from a ceiling of $8,040,721.19 to $11,379,607.38. , almost 950 thousand pesos per month. Regarding the payments of the monotributo quota, they will remain the same.

Credits at subsidized rates

The credits will be at subsidized rates of 43% with a payment term of two years and will be used for the acquisition of equipment and tools for production and work. The credit program will be through a new credit line CreAr Argentine Credit Programfor microenterprises represented by monotributistas of low categories and will have 40 rate bonus points.

The guarantees will be from the National State Guarantee Fund and will be processed through public and private banks.