Led by Alejandro Marley Wiebe as host, the 50th edition of the Martín Fierro Awards presented the prizes awarded by the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA) for the best content broadcast during 2021.

After winning the shortlist for Best reality show and Comprehensive Production, MasterChef Celebrity won the 2022 gold Martín Fierro. Accompanied by Vicky Xipolitakis, Claudia Villafañe, Sol Pérez, Analía Franchín and Juariu, among other participants from the three seasons, Santiago Del Moro and the executives of the cycle took the stage to receive the highest award of the night.

Next, each of the winners of the Martín Fierro 2022:

– Martin Fierro de Oro: “MasterChef Celebrity” (Telefe)

– Chronicler or mobile: Fabian Rubino for “America News”

– Cultural or educational: “Environment and environment” (El Nueve),

– Sports: “Let the pastures return” (Public TV)

– Revelation: Jey Mammon for “Los Mammones” (America)

Author or screenwriter: Lily Ann Martin, Jessica Valls and Marcelo Nacci for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece)

– Daytime news: “Telenueve at noon” (El Nueve)

– Supporting actor: Diego Cremonesi for “Monzón” (Telefe) and “El Tigre Verón” (eltrece).

– Travels and tourism: “Around the world” (Telefe)

– Gastronomy: “Argentine Cooks” (Public TV)

– Magazine: “Cut for Lozano” (Telefe)

– Musical: “The rock of morfi” (Telefe)

– Female journalistic work: Marisa Andino for “Telenueve at noon” (El Nueve)

– Panelist: Paulo Kablan for “Team Flower” (Telefe)

-Reality: “Masterchef Celebrity” (Telefe)

– Humorous or topical: “Bar Trouble” (America)

– Entertainment (games): “Welcome Aboard” (eltrece)

– Director: Adrián Caetano for “Apache” (Telefe)

– Humorous work: Martín “Campi” Campilongo for “Team Flower” (Telefe)

Journalistic: “Intractable” (America)

– Fictional lead actress: Agustina Cherri for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece)

– Entertainment (knowledge): “100 Argentines say” (eltrece)

Big Show: “The Argentine Voice” (Telefe)

– Central newscast: “Telefe News” (Telefe)

– Hosting in a humorous or current affairs program: Beto Casella for “Blessed” (The Nine)

– Supporting Actress: Sofía Gala Castiglione for “El Tigre Verón” (eltrece) and “Apache” (Telefe)

– TV Jury: Ricardo Montaner, Soledad, Lali and Mau & Ricky for “La Voz Argentina” (Telefe)

– Work in female driving: Juana Viale for “Lunching with Mirtha Legrand” (eltrece)

– Male journalistic work: Jorge Lanata for “Journalism for all” (eltrece)

– General interest: “PH, we can talk” (Telefe)

– Fictional leading actor: Luciano Cáceres for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece)

– Male driving job: Guido Kaczka for “Welcome aboard” and “The 8 steps” (eltrece)

– Fiction: “The 1-5/18” (eltrece)

– Comprehensive production: “MasterChef Celebrity” (Telefe)

-Advertising notice: “I see, I see” (from Flow, by DON)

– Institutional spot: “Infinia, new formula” (from YPF, for Riotous Hare)