It seems that there is a long way to go, but the 2023 Elections are just around the corner, and former President Mauricio Macri broke the political silence to ensure that Together for Change, benefited by the “accumulated experience” will govern after the term of Alberto Fernández.

“Things have to be done on the first day. Everything necessary to provide work. We must make so many reforms and transformations so that those who vote understand that this time it is serious. It means that the State has to be at the service of the people,” Macri said in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia.

“The story is falling apart,” he questioned. And he added: “The world is complex and reality is not forcing us to fall into a funnel of good sense, not to say more things that do not make sense. Together for Change comes from a path of different experience to carry it out. I am really optimistic.”

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Likewise, the former official made reference to the rupture of political relations between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner, and assured that the situation has facilitated the destruction of confidence in the presidential figure. “It is very difficult for Alberto Fernández to recover it, because he does not know where he is standing or what to do. This patched-up assembly has not worked and was only successful in the elections,” he defined.

For the former president, the government is “improvised” and does not have a precise plan, in addition, the internal one within the coalition is a weakening factor for the ruling party itself. “We must have patience because we are going to restore order in Argentina,” predicted the former head of state, who put aside the comfort of silence to question the government in crisis.

Finally, optimistic, the former head of state avoided giving names to occupy Rivadavia’s chair in 2023, but assured that Together for Change “will re-establish order” in the country. “The why is much more important than the who. Together for Change has the challenge of specifying what Argentina needs,” he declared.

Source: NA