Mauricio Macri plunged headlong into the political crisis that caused the ruling of the Supreme Court regarding the elections for governor and lieutenant governor in San Juan and Tucuman and, through an open letter, said that the decision “puts a limit to the abuse of power.”

“As always, one of the most depressing issues in these episodes is the reaction of the Government and, especially, of President (Alberto) Fernández. They do not tolerate that a state power places limits on themalthough his constitutional work is precisely that”, Macri began the letter published on his Facebook account. In this regard, he opined that the criticism is not limited to the ruling, but rather “criticizes the very legitimacy of the Court to decide”,

Unlike his statements on Monday, when he criticized the electoral results of La Rioja, Misiones and Jujuy, Macri has now separated the province governed by his ally Gerardo Morales.

“Of course I do not include Jujuy, where there is political alternation and its governor, as we saw in the elections the other day, did not try to perpetuate himself in power,” the founder of the PRO clarified to separate the president from the UCR.

At the end, the former president made a strong defense of the highest court: “The Supreme Court is the arbiter of our life together. It is the one that applies the rules of the game that we play every day. We can disagree with its rulings, as we can doubt whether a hand was a penalty or not”.