In an interview for La Nación +, Mauricio Macri referred to his possible candidacy in the next presidential elections where he assured that “Juliana does not want him to be a candidate.” In this way, the former president would not compete in an internal Together for Change the following year.

I have not signed up. It is time to fight for ideas and values, not for your own”said the former president when asked about a hypothetical competition for presidential candidacies in the PRO, in which the head of the party is already working, Patricia Bullrichand the mayor of CABA, Rodríguez Larreta.

“I’m fighting for the people I haven’t forgotten about. 41% of 2019 was extended today, people want more change, ”he said about those who voted for him in the last elections and, from his point of view, they continue to support him in the face of the next vote.

In addition, he referred to his statements last week, where he assured that he would bet on the candidate who was most committed to change: “People want more changes. She understood that if we don’t let go of this mafia thing that has Argentina trapped, we have a future. The proposal has to be really bold and with conviction.”