After her hectic stay in Buenos Aires, where she not only confirmed her separation from Mauro Icardi, but was also romantically linked to L-Ghent, Wanda Nara spent a few days in Turkey with her five children and took them on a trip. The first stop was London, so that Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto met Maxi López, her father; and then she continued her way through Paris and Italy together with Francesca and Isabella.

Beyond some work commitments, the blonde had a clear goal: visit the houses she has with Icardi to collect her belongings and, incidentally, share quality time with the girls they have in common. But apparently, the athlete does not give up and insists on her declarations of love on social networks in the hope of winning her over again.

“Rome with love”, wrote the media on her Instagram account, along with an album in which she compiled everything she did with her daughters. And among the thousands of comments that she received from her, that of Icardi stands out, who wrote to her: “My 3 loves.” However, Wanda decided not to respond – at least publicly.

Days ago, Ana Rosenfeld, Wanda’s lawyer and close friend, gave details of her divorce. “They signed what is called the separation. Wanda wanted it to be clear, because there is a little resistance from Mauro Icardi. He does not want to separate,” she explained at Mirtha Legrand’s table. “Today it is unilateral, people can separate when there is no more love or more desire to continue together,” she added.

On the other hand, he confirmed the versions that ensured that the footballer had given him all the assets after the strong crisis they went through in 2021 due to his affair with China Suárez. “What transpired is the reality, they signed what is called the separation of assets, that each one administered his assets and based on that, each one had the freedom to continue generating,” explained the lawyer. And she assured that her client continues to act as Icardi’s representative: “She is even charging fees to represent him when she was at Inter.”