If something was missing in this soap opera that has Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara and L-Gante as protagonists, it was the word of the footballer who until now had only uploaded some captures, photos and comments on Instagram. But no more, the Galatasaray striker got tired of the scandalous situation that his wife has been starring with the cumbia singer and decided to go out and talk through an Instagram live.

Mauro broadcast from his home and in the company of part of his family. The children of Wanda and Maxi López -Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto- did not appear live but he mentioned that they were there and they were seen participating in the broadcast. All were dissatisfied -according to what the footballer himself said- of Nara’s relationship with Elian Valenzuela. There was also his father Juan, her mother-in-law, Nora Colosimo who in the last few hours had stopped following her daughter on her Instagram account.

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At first, Mauro denied being separated from Wanda, although he did admit that they are going through a strong crisis. He also said that the model was being the “make me laugh” of the whole world for her latest actions. But, the hardest part of her came when he assured that her children had expressed that they were going to separate from the businesswoman if he continued with this attitude.

Icardi’s live captured national attention, and in a matter of minutes the footballer became a trend on Twitter. And not precisely because of the support he received, but because of the memes that began to circulate. Internet users of the social network feasted on the media scandal that he and his wife are the protagonists of.