In the last hours the police managed to arrest one of the pedophiles Argentina’s most wanted who had been a fugitive from Justice for 5 years. The detainee is identified as Maximilian Espinillo and was found in a house Boedo neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

In 2018, Espinillo He received a sentence of six years in prison for having sexually abused a minor for seven years of his family circle. However, he never went to prison because he escaped.

To leave no trace and not be found blackhead he had left the car he was driving as a remise, stopped going to the field and tried to erase the traces of his movements. However, The Police found his tax address registered with the Afip.

The now detainee was accused of aggravated corruption for being a minor under thirteen years of age and through the use of threats, in an ideal contest with aggravated sexual abuse for having configured a repeatedly seriously outrageous submission, causing serious damage to the physical and mental health of the victim .