In the midst of the internship that keeps the top leaders of the Front of All at a distance, the national deputy and president of the Buenos Aires PJ, Máximo Kirchner, presented a project to advance the increases scheduled by the Salary Council.

Máximo Kirchner asked to advance to July 1 all the increases scheduled in the Salary Council for 2022, which would bring the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary (SMVM) to $47,850. The initiative allows “the 45% increase scheduled in March by the Salary Council to be charged in August and not in January 2023.”

The text has the signature of legislators from the trade union branch and representatives of social movements, including Sergio Palazzo, Juan Carlos Alderete, Vanesa Siley, Hugo Yasky, María Rosa Martínez and Carlos Cisneros, among others.

“Our commitment as a political space is to protect the wages of workers, which implies that they beat inflation and recompose what was lost during the macrista administration. This measure, although insufficient, aims to comply with it,” they concluded.