The General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses of Córdoba indicated that in the province inflation during the month of May reached 7.98%. It is a number almost identical to the month of Marchjust before the historic soaring of the dollar and a battery of national measures that tried to calm the vertiginous escalation of prices -especially that of food-.

Unlike previous months, in the fifth month of the year food was not the protagonist of the price rise. On the other hand, the items that increased their values ​​the most were those of Properties, Fuels, Water and Electricity (14.8%)explained by the increases in electricity and natural gas rates per network; Teaching (12.18%)around the costs of private education; Health (9.7%) mainly due to the increase in the average price of pharmaceuticals.

For his part, “the chapter Food and Beverages (5.9%)It is mainly explained by the increases in the average prices of food and beverages purchased and consumed in restaurants and bars; bread and cereals; dairy and eggs,” notes the report.

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The estatewhich represent 59% of the basket, had a variation of 6.85% compared to the previous month, while the serviceswhich represent the remaining 41% of the basket, registered a variation of 10.36%.

Notably YoYinflation is already around 107.4%.