In a couple of meetings in recent days, mayors of the Colón and Cruz del Eje departments agreed to make public their decision to unify the date of the municipal elections to those of the governor of the Province, in a clear accompaniment to the coalition candidate We do for Córdoba, Martín Llaryora.

In this way, community leaders from both departments joined the movement that has been taking place in different parts of the province, with which they seek to strengthen the continuity of their own local governments and, at the same time, strongly support Llaryora, the current mayor of the Córdoba city and candidate to govern the province by the ruling party.

The communal chiefs express that the formula they promote is “win-win”.

“It is known that the numbers are very good for Martín. Joining our candidate for governor is a win-win, because from the municipalities we contribute votes to Llaryora and his image guarantees us strong support for our municipal governments ”, according to what they let out.

“We mayors have come a long way. And the best way to guarantee victory in each town is to set our date at the provincial one”, they affirm.

In the department of Colón, the community leaders who have already expressed their decision to support Martín Llaryora as a candidate for governor and to coincide with the municipal and provincial elections were Gustavo Brandán (Colonia Caroya); Eduardo Baldassi (Ceballos River); Gastón Mazzalay (Malvinas Argentinas) and Carlos Ambrosich (La Granja).

So did José Garzón (El Manzano); Claudia Acosta (My Farm); Gustavo Bustos (Tinoco) and María Laura Wherling (Cerro Azul). This meeting was attended by legislators Carlos Presas and Natalia Martínez, as well as Saldán’s Secretary of Government, Carolina Cristori, and community leaders Daniel Funes (La Pampa, Totoral department) and Eduardo González (Esquina, Río Primero department ).

For the Cruz del Eje department, they did Claudio Farías (Cruz del Eje); Jorge Carbelo (Orange Half); Dario Heredia (Old Step); César Briguera (San Marcos Sierras) and Fabricio Ruíz (Bañado de Soto), who were accompanied by provincial legislator Alejandro Ruíz.