The candidate of Hacemos por Córdoba, Martín Llaryora, achieved in the last few hours the adhesion of the mayors and community leaders of the San Javier department, who guaranteed him their full support on the road to the Governorship during the next period at the head of the province.

In a meeting held in the Cordovan capital, the community leaders of San Javier ratified the commitment to carry out the elections in their municipalities on the same date as the provincial elections, in another strong endorsement of the continuity of the model carried out by the pro-government coalition. .

In this way and in the first days of the tour and meetings, there are already 11 departments whose mayors and communal presidents have come together to publicly establish their desire to support the candidacy for governor of the Province of the current head of the Municipality of Córdoba.

In this meeting with Martín Llaryora, the community leaders Gustavo Hachuel (La Paz); Raúl Martínez (The Population); Ulises Altamirano (Luyaba); José Paredes (Los Hornillos); Antonio Castro (Conlara); Hugo Gomez (San Jose) and Martin Garcia (San Javier).

In addition, Patricio Zec (Villa Candelaria Norte) did so, along with Daniel Eduardo Guzmán and Omar Agustín Reartes, from the communes of Tala Cañada and San Jerónimo, both in the Pocho department. The capital city councilor, Marcos Vázquez, also participated.

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