This Wednesday afternoon, the former mayor of the Colombian city of Medellin (2016-2019), the Engineer Fernando Gutierrez Zuluagawill speak in the city of Córdoba about the citizen security policies that have been most successful in your district in recent years.

“There is no harder blow to crime than education”, Gutiérrez Zuluaga said today before the event, and strongly defended the creation of new educational centers and full employment so that people do not need to have the option of crime to be able to live.

In addition, he indicated that it is not necessary to build more prisons like those of the system already known in Latin America and that they are “universities of crime”, but they must respond to a “prison system” to serve as sites “resocialization. Of course, someone who does something bad has to go to jail, and that justice is more guaranteeing for the citizen who complies with the norm, than for the one who violates the norms all day.”

The meeting will be Today at 5:30 p.m. at the Quorum Hotel, Terra Room Congress and Convention Center.

Coverage: Nacho Cadario