After the absence in 2020 and 2021, the prizes Martin Fierro they return to television in the month of May on the screen of Telefé. They will take place at the Hilton hotel and will be conducted by Marley.

The president of APTRA (Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists), Luis Ventura, announced this Wednesday in the Verónica Lozano program the shortlists and their respective nominees, who will reward the most outstanding of 2021.


best reality show

bake-off -Telephone

Cut and confection – The thirteen

Master Chef Celebrity – Phone


The Argentine Voice – Phone

ShowMatch – The thirteen

Done deal – Phone

Best TV jury

Ricardo Montaner, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastoruti, Mau and Ricky – The Argentine Voice

Donato De Santis, Damian Betular, German Martitegui – Master Chef Celebrity

Ángel de Brito, Carolina Pampita Ardohain, Guillermina Valdés, Jimena Barón and Hernán Piquín –ShowMatch

Nacha Guevara, Oscar Mediavilla, Karina La Princesita and Moria Casán – singing 2020

best fiction

The Veron Tiger – The thirteen

The 1-5/18 – The thirteen

Monsoon – Phone

Little Victory – Phone

Best news program

intractable – America

Fire friend – The nine

journalism for all – The thirteen

I follow XXI ATR – Phone

best magazine

team flower – Phone

Must see – The nine

us in the morning – The thirteen

Pampita Online -NET

Every afternoon – The nine

Cut by Lozano – Phone

Best entertainment game show

Welcome aboard – The thirteen

The roulette of your dreams – America

minute to win – Phone

Best Quiz Game Program

100 Argentines say – The thirteen

the 8 steps – The thirteen

Pass word – Phone

Who knows more about Argentina – Public TV

Best Comedy Program

blessed – The nine

It’s not too late – Phone

Controversy at the bar – America


Beto Casella – The Nine

Diego Korol – America

Guillermo Lopez – America

Work in male driving

Dario Barassi- 100 Argentines say

Santiago del Moro- Master Chef Celebrity

Mariano Judica – Controversy at the bar

Guido Kazcka- Welcome aboard

Marcelo Tinelli- ShowMatch

Marley- Around the world, The Argentine Voice Y minute to win

Work in female driving

Karina Mazzoco- in the afternoon

Florence Pena – team flower

Juana Viale- Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand

Veronica Lozano- Cut by Lozano

General interest

Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand – The thirteen

PS: Can we talk? – Phone

I live for you – The nine

daytime newscast

Up Argentines – The thirteen

The people’s news – The thirteen

soap opera at noon – The nine

central newscast

America news – America

Telefe News – Phone

Telenoche – The thirteen

Fictional leading actor

Facundo Arana- small victory

Luciano Caceres – The 1-5/18

Marco Antonio Caponi- The Veron Tiger

Julio Chavez- The Veron Tiger

Fictional leading actress

Agustina Cherri- The 1-5/18

Juliet Diaz – small victory

Lali Gonzalez- The 1-5/18

Natalie Perez- small victory


Dario Barassi – The Thirteen

Jey Mammon – America

Mau and Ricky – Telefe

travel / tourism

selfie – America

Around the world – Phone

Rest of the world – The thirteen

Male journalistic work

Rodolfo Barili – Telefe

Nelson Castro – The Thirteen

Jorge Lanata – The Thirteen

Female journalistic work

Marisa Andino – The Nine

Soledad Larghi – America

Silvia Martinez Casina – The Thirteen

Cristina Perez – Telefe

humorous work

Martin Campi- team flower

Robert Moldavsky- Done deal

Patrick Muzzio- The Rock of Morfi

comprehensive production

The 1-5/18 – The thirteen

The Argentine Voice – Phone

Master Chef Celebrity – Phone


Martin Candalaft – America

Paulo Kablan – Telefe

Yanina Latorre – The Thirteen

Chronicler – mobile

Guillermo Panizza – Telefe

Fabian Rubino – America

Santiago Zeyen – The Thirteen


country festival – Public TV

Morfi’s rock – Phone

The Mammons – America

saturday passion – America


the football show – America

passion for football – The thirteen

Let the paddocks return – Public TV