The words that the parrot has pronounced take millions of views on Tiktok, since it is capable of interpreting an entire conversation between two characters, with their different voices and everything.

“Help me, help me”, are some of the alarming words that Paco utters, but he himself is in charge of reassuring himself: “Calm down, nothing is happening”.

It is worth mentioning that his voice not only takes the texts and repeats them but also imitates their intention and tones. With at least two accents and three different voice timbres, Paco recited phrases that enchanted social networks.

The most disconcerting phrase is found near the end of the video, when the parrot says “Bye, pringao” a few times. He covers it each time, until he mistakenly ends up with “Chao pescao” and other variations.

Check it out here!