The ceremony will take place this Sunday, May 15 at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero and will be broadcast live on the Telefé signal from 7:30 p.m. Meanwhile, Alejandro “Marley” Wiebe will be in charge of driving the new installment.

Some of the nominees are:

best reality show

Bake off-Telefe

Cut and Sew – El Trece

Masterchef Celebrity – Telefe


The Voice Argentina – Telefe

Showmatch – The Thirteen

Deal Done – Telefe

Best TV jury

Ricardo Montaner, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastoruti, Mau and Ricky – La Voz Argentina

Donato De Santis, Damián Betular, Germán Martitegui – Masterchef Celebrity

Ángel de Brito, Carolina Pampita Ardohain, Guillermina Valdés, Jimena Barón and Hernán Piquín -Showmatch

Nacha Guevara, Oscar Mediavilla, Karina La Princesita and Moria Casán -Singing 2020

best fiction

The Tiger Verón – The Thirteen

The 1-5/18 – The Thirteen

Monsoon – Telefe

Little Victory – Telefe

best journalistic

Intractable – America

Friendly Fire – The Nine

Journalism for all – El Trece

I follow XXI ATR – Telefe


Team flower – Telefe

Must See – The Nine

Us in the morning – El Trece

Pampita Online – NET

Every afternoon – The Nine

Cut by Lozano – Telefe

Best Entertainment Games Program

Welcome aboard – El Trece

The roulette of your dreams – America

Minute to win – Telefe

Best Program Quiz Games

100 Argentines say – El Trece

The 8 steps – The Thirteen

Pasapalabra – Telefe

Who knows more about Argentina – Public TV


Blessed – The Nine

It’s not so late – Telefe

Controversy in the bar – America

Hosting humorous/current affairs program

Beto Casella -The Nine

Diego Korol – America

Guillermo Lopez – America

Work in male driving

Darío Barassi – 100 Argentines Say

Santiago del Moro – Masterchef Celebrity

Mariano Iúdica – Controversy in the bar

Guido Kazcka – Welcome Aboard

Marcelo Tinelli -Showmatch

Marley – Around the world, La Voz Argentina and Minute to win

Work in female driving

Karina Mazzoco – In the afternoon

Florencia Peña – Team Flower

Juana Viale – Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand

Veronica Lozano – Cut by Lozano

General interest

Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand – El Trece

PH, we can talk – Telefe

I live for you – The Nine

daytime newscast

Top Argentines – El Trece

The people’s news – El Trece

Telenueve at noon – The Nine

central newscast

America News – America

Telefe News – Telefe

Telenoche – The Thirteen

Fictional leading actor

Facundo Arana – Little Victory

Luciano Cáceres – The 1-5/18

Marco Antonio Caponi – The Tiger Veron

Julio Chaves -The Tiger Veron

Fictional leading actress

Agustina Cherri – The 1-5/18

Julieta Diaz – Little Victory

Lali González – The 1-5/18

Natalie Perez – Little Victory


Dario Barassi – The Thirteen

Jey Mammon – America

Mau and Ricky – Telefe

travel / tourism

Selfie – America

Around the world – Telefe

Rest of the world – El Trece

Male journalistic work

Rodolfo Barili – Telefe

Nelson Castro – The Thirteen

Jorge Lanata – The Thirteen

Female journalistic work

Marisa Andino – The Nine

Soledad Larghi – America

Silvia Martinez Casina – The Thirteen

Cristina Perez – Telefe

humorous work

Martin Campi – Team Flower

Roberto Moldavsky – Done Deal

Patricio Muzzio – The Rock of Morfi

comprehensive production

The 1-5/18 – The Thirteen

The Voice Argentina – Telefe

Masterchef Celebrity – Telefe


Martin Candalaft – America

Paulo Kablan – Telefe

Yanina Latorre – The Thirteen

best mobile

Guillermo Panizza – Telefe

Fabian Rubino – America

Santiago Zeyen – The Thirteen

Best Music Program

Country Festival – Public TV

The Rock of Morfi – Telefe

The Mammons – America

Saturday Passion – America

Best sports program

The football show – America

Passion for football – El Trece

Let the paddocks return – Public TV

cultural or educational

Environment and environment- The Nine

Archive of Argentine emotion – Public TV

Film Library – Public TV


Argentine cooks – Public TV

Cucinare – The Thirteen

What a morning!” – The Nine

Supporting actor

Alberto Ajaka for Apache

Diego Cremonesi – Monsoon and the Tiger Verón

Roly Serrano – The 1-5/18

Supporting Actress

Leticia Brédice – The 1-5/18

Sofia Gala Castiglione – The Tiger Verón and Apache

Florence Raggi – Monsoon

Author or screenwriter

Germán Maggiori and Marcos Osorio Vidal – El Tigre Verón

Lily Ann Martin, Jessica Valls and Marcelo Nacci – The 1-5/18

Erika Halvorsen and Daniel Burman – Small Victories


Adrian Caetano – Apache

Alejandro Ibáñez and Jorge Nisco – The 1-5/18

Juan Taratuto – Little Victories


“Quarantennials” by Easy – DON

“Everything is better in black and white” by Stella Artois – by GUT

“I see, I see” by Flow – DON

institutional spot

YPF’s “Infinia, new formula” – Riotous Hare

“Essentials” from Mercado Libre – GUT

“Payada” by Liberal Collective Project – Together With