The President of the Institute for Studies on Argentine and Latin American Reality (IERAL), Carlos Melconian, spoke today at the XVIII Provincial Economic Congress of the Libertad Foundation, entitled “One year after the Change ofand Government”.

During his presentation, Melconian highlighted the need for agreements to guarantee the irreversibility of the changes that are applied as of December 2023, through an economic program such as the one being developed at the Mediterranean Foundation: “exit requires building bridges with politics, persuade, find understandings. It is vital, the only way to move forward, implement and defend a plan to agree on irreversibility of the changes”. As for the Mediterranean program, he began by explaining that it is being designed “respecting the Organic Charter and the statutes of the Foundation is say of way 100% I would leave”.

The IERAL headline began by describing the nature of the Mediterranean program: “the priority it is move to a national and provincial state with balance fiscal genuine as fast as possible”. And added: “This have as title be capitalist, modern, western and progressive in the sense which aims more important, the progress of the people. The rights of property is it so also outside discussion, as well respect to the rules of game”.

Furthermore, he encouraged fellow economists to “have a common diagnosis of premises basic”. In this regard, he stressed: “It is important to be very professional in the treatment of the topics. Know what the decisions and the votes are of politics but what should we demand and/ maximum respect professional”.

“we have that be actors important in the search for agreements with politics, its actors, its organizations and its members, but also respecting and/ one plus one is equal to two. It is key that the profession this one to the the height of the circumstances. Out of political discussion without goals s nor course. Amendment and do Understand the finish of the ideologies. That politics it is the art of it possible Y that the economy too What is it with boundaries”, added.

Melconian once again insisted on the need to rebuild the economic area in such a way that “centralize the real overall balance”.

“This does not excludes from no way the unconditional loyalty to the next President. There are that eradicate definitely the idea of superminister. But not we must fall into the single mistake To see moved by the red carpet accepting that the Ministry of Economy I know circumscribe one Secretary of treasury, finance or debt,” he said.