A tragedy moves the residents of Las Heras. A raging fire broke out in a house due to an electrical failure, while the family managed to escape, unfortunately, one of the children was trapped inside. The father tried to rescue him, but both lost their lives.

The tragic incident occurred in house number 32, in block C of the Santa Teresita neighborhood in Mendoza. According to local media reports The Andes, It all started at dawn on Wednesday due to a malfunction in an electric stove that was in the youngest children’s room. The first assumptions suggest that the flames reached a mattress, causing a rapid spread of the fire.

In the house were Juan Espinoza, 31, his wife Cintia Maldonado, 28, and their four children. In desperation, the 5, 7, and 10-year-old girls managed to get out with their mother, but 12-year-old Gonzalo was trapped inside the house.

Faced with this dramatic situation, his father tried to rescue him, but was unfortunately unsuccessful. Firefighters arrived at the scene and began to extinguish the fire, rescuing both of them from the house. The authorities quickly reported the death of the child, while his father was rescued alive but in serious condition.

The father was quickly transferred in a patrol car to the Coordinated Emergency Service (SEC), but unfortunately he passed away minutes later. The mother and the three children who survived the fire were taken to the Carrillo hospital by their relatives, where they received medical attention due to the burns suffered and the inhalation of carbon monoxide.

The Las Heras community is dismayed by this tragedy and has expressed its deep pain on social networks for the loss of the two victims, while sending messages of support and solidarity to the mother and girls who are hospitalized.

The damaged house Photo: courtesy The Andes

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