The governor of Mendoza, Rodolfo Suárez, presented a request to declare unconstitutional the decision of the national government to grant more than 21,000 hectares to Mapuche communities in the south of Mendoza. It is a resolution of the National Institute of Indigenous Affairs (INAI), which generated the rejection of the Mendoza administration.

“I asked the Government Advisory and the State Prosecutor’s Office to carry out the necessary procedures before the competent bodies to declare the unconstitutionality of the national resolutions that have determined the delivery of land in the south of the province,” Suárez stressed.

The president of the Radical Civic Union, Gerardo Morales, He came out to support the governor of Mendoza: “The Government handed over thousands of hectares to pseudo-Mapuches in Mendoza. The same ones who set fires and sow violence in Patagonia, today are rewarded.”