A merchant managed to recognize and capture one of the thieves who had stolen from his butcher shop, in the heart of Malagueño. The offender along with other accomplices, who are still on the run, stole kilos of meat and a computer from the establishment.

The event took place last Monday at the “El Gran Asado” butcher shop on San Martín street. Juan, the owner of the premises, discovered that the door had been forced and that merchandise and equipment had been stolen. Approximately 50 kilos of meat, which included roast, empty, matambre and chorizos, were stolen, as well as a computer that contained vital information for the business.

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After reviewing the security cameras, Juan identified the four men who acted quickly and were traveling in a car. He made the corresponding complaint and provided the images to the police for their investigation. However, the surprise came the next day when Juan saw one of the thieves walking down the street in front of his butcher shop. Recognizing him from security camera footage, he decided to follow him in his car and called 911 to report his location.

The police responded quickly to the call and managed to arrest the suspect, identified as Luis G., 35, a resident of Malagueño. During the arrest, the stolen computer was recovered and other items were found that link him to the theft. The detainee was made available to the prosecutor’s office on duty, which continues with the investigation to find the whereabouts of the other three accomplices who participated in the robbery.

Juan was satisfied with the capture and expressed his desire that justice be done and that the others responsible be found. “It can’t be that these criminals are running loose and hurting those of us who work honestly”he declared.

Merchant catches a thief in Malagueño