While preparing for the World Cup in Qatar, hoping to bring a new title to the Argentine National Team, Lionel Messi makes his debut as an actor, led by Adrián Suar. The soccer player will have a special participation in the second season of Los protectors, the comedy that “El Chueco” stars in Star + along with Gustavo Bermúdez and Colombian Andrés Parra.

“How do you start a second season in the best way? Like this, with him. Thanks Lio!” Said the programming manager of eltrece on his social networks, with a video that summarizes his stay in Paris, where they shared some scenes with Rosario. “A privilege to record with one”, he added along with other behind-the-scenes images, in which the actors highlighted the professionalism of “La Pulga”.

Written and directed by Marcos Carnevale and directed by Kapow, the fiction focuses on the lives of Renzo “Mago” Magoya (Suar), Carlos “Conde” Mendizábal (Bermúdez) and Reynaldo “Colombia” Morán (Parra), three representatives of players football very different from each other that must be associated to save their respective businesses. This is how “Los Protectores SA” was born, an agency that takes care of the economic interests of its soccer players and, in addition, specializes in keeping them away from temptations and getting them out of the most unexpected problems.