The captain of the Argentine National Team Lionel Messi organized a mega-party at the City Center complex in Rosario to say goodbye to the year with his friends and once again revolutionized the city of Santa Fe.

Although there was no official announcement of the event, a member of the logistics of the same confided: “The party is merely familiar from the environment of Lionel Messi. There are three musical groups: Los Palmeras, La Mosca and La K’onga. Also in the There are several players and friends on the list who come to close the year with the world champion”.

The truth is that from early on many fans of the albiceleste began to surround the complex waiting for the guests and the arrival of Messi.

Six private planes arrived at the Islas Malvinas airport, in Fisherton, with several guests. Some of them would be Marcelo Tinelli, Sergio Agüero, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia and Leandro Paredes.

With the passing of the hours, the vicinity of the Casino began to be invaded by people who did not want to miss the chance to see Messi. Little by little, several supporters appeared with the Argentina shirt with the number 10 on the back.

One of the first to arrive was Maximiliano Rodríguez, who arrived minutes before 9:00 p.m. and was approached by both the press stationed in the place and by the fans who achieved their first “capture”.

Just after 9:15 p.m., hundreds of fans rushed at Messi’s vehicle and blocked his way, but the captain of the Argentine National Team was calm and patient at the wheel, with a smiling Antonela in the passenger seat and the children of both in the back seat.

Minutes later, Ángel Di María arrived, with the path clearer after Messi entered.