Javier Milei, National Deputy and candidate for President for the next elections gave an interview to TN and spoke about current politics.

The National Deputy spoke about Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and expressed “The reality is that you have a sinister character who fills his mouth talking about Institutionality and in reality he is a hypocrite, a liar. The most nefarious type of Argentine politics, the king of the traitors, the one who has just betrayed Macri”.

Milei continued: “He is as sinister as Cristina Fernández but with good manners. Nothing that comes from him surprises me because in order to gain power he is capable of anything.”

The candidate says that the only thing that matters to politicians is power and that they don’t care about people because “people shouldn’t believe them.”

Regarding his candidacy, Javier Milei was sure of the results “If I enter a second round of elections, I win over everyone.”