An innovative way of reaching his students of the subject “History” of a school in Pilar, in the interior of Córdoba, catapulted Lucas Botta to be one of the most listened to historians in the region.

In 2020, the teacher and history graduate adapted his classes to virtuality due to the global context of the pandemic, and since then he has been a sensation in the field. It all started when he uploaded his first chapter about Feudalism. As in a few days he added more than 5,000 reproductions, he was encouraged to go for more.

Thus it was that “History in Podcast” was born, a program of ten episodes that recount the events from Feudalism to the Cold War. The recordings are homemade, from the rehearsal room where Lucas used to play the accordion and piano. That was just the beginning: on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts platforms, his stories are the most listened to in the region, including listeners from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico, and even further afield such as Ukraine, Ireland, Slovenia, Oman and Lichtenstein.

Join this interview and find out everything about this historic challenge, this Tuesday, September 6 from 8:30 p.m.from the official Channel C channel on the platform Instagram. Mimi Spicher drives. I followed the report in our profile, by clicking here.

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