That famous phrase that “Chiqui” Legrand repeats regarding “how they see you, they treat you”, is stronger than ever. It is that now, the giant of the streaming platform HBO Max, decided to hire her to make the advertising spot for the prequel to “Games of Thrones”. “The age of dragons is here and who better to tell us about royalty and dynasties than the very queen of Argentine Television”in this particular way HBO decided to present the greatest figure of the Argentine show.

“I am going to tell you a piece of news that I am very excited about. Before I couldn’t say anything, but now I can. In recent times, many celebrities have had their own series and movies based on their lives. And now, I’ll have mine.” Mirtha Legrand begins by narrating at the beginning of the spot.

With a share of humor, the chiqui promises to tell all the secrets that surround her family. “I agreed to reveal the great secrets of my family. There have been conflicts in my family circle: romances, power struggles. Everything has really happened and I have decided to tell it”.

To later close the presentation with his most iconic phrase: “Remember how I always say: ‘as they see you they treat you and if they see you badly they mistreat you. And if they see you well…they want to steal your throne’”.