The Ministry of Social Development informs the distribution schedule of the modules contemplated in the framework of the More Milk More Proteins program, corresponding to the month of June.

It begins this Thursday the 1st and runs until Friday the 30th. The distribution takes place in the city of Córdoba, every business day in the provincial schools and health centers. In the interior of the province, the milk is delivered to the municipalities and communes during the first working days of the month.

Más leche Más Proteínas reaches 255,000 boys and girls throughout the province, guaranteeing nutritional quality through an equitable and wide-ranging policy for the supply of fortified and whole milk. In this way, it is sought to make it easier for the most vulnerable sectors of our society to obtain, promoting growth and development, health, food security and school performance.

It is worth remembering that the beneficiaries are infants from 0 to 12 months and boys and girls from 1 to 11 years of age or who are in primary school. For questions about the program contact the mail [email protected]by WhatsApp at 351-5227449 or toll free at 0800-555-8555.