At the Civic Center, the Provincial Census Committee chaired by the Minister of Coordination, Silvina Rivero, held a working meeting with the director of INDEC, Marco Lavagna. The meeting was held to analyze the progress and share news of the operation corresponding to the National Census of Population, Households and Housing scheduled for next May 18.

For his part, Marco Lavagna, said that “Argentina has a federal statistics system and for that you have to be in the territory, talking to those who know the provincial towns in order to have more and better information,” he said.

“The working day served to review the preparations for the May 18 Census and to analyze the current results of the Digital Census, through which more than 15% of the Cordoba population has already been registered,” said Daniel Ortega, General Director of Statistics and Censuses.

In addition, until May 18 at 8 am, the Digital Census, where citizens who wish can answer the questionnaire from any electronic device. This tool saves time for the census takers and those who take the census.