The extra long weekend concluded with a balance of 3.2 million tourists and excursionists who spent a total of $42,646 million in the Argentine tourist circuit, according to a report by the Argentine Confederation of Medium-sized Enterprises (CAME).

In this way, between last Thursday the 6th and this Monday, 1,320,000 tourists and 1,887,600 hikers toured the country, although in fewer trips than in 2021, and with average daily spending per person of $8,312, CAME reported.

“The economic result had a real increase of 34.8% compared to the same weekend last year,” the report highlighted, specifying that, although “the number of tourists was less than in 2021, the economic impact in real terms was better this year, because trips were made to longer distances and there was much more offer of paid services to enjoy, than in the last season”.

Regarding tourists, the date concluded with a total of 1,320,000 tourists, which represented 20% less than on the same holiday last year, because “in 2021 tourism had been overexploited due to the need to travel after so much time in confinement,” they explained.

However, this year “the presence of international tourists” had a greater volume, they added.