This Thursday the Municipality of Cordobathrough the Secretariat of Social Policies, Inclusion and Coexistence, delivered final certificates of training in trades to 326 men and women that are part of Urban Servants Program.

All servers received their certificates after completing the different training courses with a High attendance rate and excellent academic results.

The Urban Servants Program has as purpose “include and socially integrate, through training, vulnerable sectors that have been marginalized for a long time, providing them with general training and professionalization in trades.”

Mauricio Romeroundersecretary of Articulation and Territorial Coexistenceexpressed: “I am very proud of the call that we obtained in all these trainings and highlighted the importance of participation of each servant and servant, because we can organize thousands of trainings, now if they do not participate there is all work in vain that moves logistics, money and we do not reach the objective that is that they are trained, that they progress, that they advance, that the day leave the program tomorrow and be prepared to face any kind of challenge. Which speaks highly of all the servers, because they want to progress, train, advance and leave the place in the future for other colleagues who are going to need the program”.

Throughout the entire program, 91 formations with diverse themes as a licensed electrician, basic carpentry, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Hospitality, Office automation, Proper handling of Machinery for Maintenance of Green spaces, Repair and Sanitation of Cordon ditch, and Gardening and Planting.

The workshops were planned with objectives and contents that respond to guidelines consistent with daily tasks, taking into account parameters of practicality, scope of application, gender equity and job opportunities. Each of the workshops was repeated according to the interests expressed by the servers themselves.

The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Free University of the Environmentin front of Botanical Garden.