The Appagá program celebrates its first year of operation. This is the provincial program to quit smoking, coordinated by the Secretariat for Addiction Prevention and Assistance, under the Ministry of Health of Córdoba.

Appagá is intended for the entire community and is taught free of charge under three modalities: face-to-face, distance and virtual reality, through technological devices. Once the person enrolls in the program, the Secretariat evaluates which of the three modalities is the most appropriate for each patient and then informs them via email within 30 days of enrollment.

It should be noted that more than 20 RAAC Centers are in the interior of the province working with the smoking cessation program, located in the city of Berrotarán, Capital, Camilo Aldao, Embalse, Elena, among others.

People interested in quitting smoking can sign up using the following form: In addition, for more information you can enter the website of the secretary of addictions.