In February, 70,057 units were deposited at the 87 collection points arranged by the municipality in strategic locations in the city to continue the circular economy process.

The initiative launched by the management of Martin Llaryora in December 2021 already collected 844,647 cells and batteries that will be used as inputs for the production of new products. Batteries of all types and sizes can be taken: alkaline, rechargeable, lithium, button, cell phones, UPS, emergency lights, medical equipment, hand tools, among others. Energy support batteries are also received for specific activities such as those related to mining, telecommunications and renewable energy. In turn, power banks, alarm batteries, electric vehicles and many more can be discarded.

The program containers are exclusively for batteries and the neighbors should not throw other types of waste into them. The treatment is carried out by the company Solarbased in the town of Toledo.

Places and hours

From 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., the 14 CPCs, the Municipal Palace, the Botanical Garden (Francisco Yunyent 5491), the Ente BioCórdoba (Rondeau 750), the CTR Rancagua (Rancagua avenue and Circunvalación), the School of Economics are included. Circular (Camino a la Carbonada 8000) and the Directorate of Urban Hygiene (27 de Abril 784, 3rd Floor).

In addition, there are also the points: ULA (avenida del Piamonte S/N and Puente Turín), Centro Verde Norte (boulevard Los Alemanes 3387), ECOFEM (Alem 1447) and headquarters of the COyS Centro (Rosario de Santa Fe 236).

Neighbors can also leave their batteries during the opening hours of the following service stations: JPC OIL SRL (Avenida La Voz del Interior 6350), Avenida Juan B. Justo 5075, YPF VESINM (Avenida Dr. Arturo Capdevila 8500) , Panoramic Point Station, Valle Escondido, (Ejército Argentino avenue km 6.5), YPF (Colón avenue 4272).

Service stations and supermarkets

Seven Shell service stations were also added, run by the company ANJOR SA, through a cooperation agreement. The new sites are available during business hours and are located at: Juan B. Justo 3702 avenue, Armada Argentina 982 avenue, Pablo Ricchieri 2626 avenue, Rancagua 5455 and 5050 avenues, Recta Martinolli 8663 avenue and Bernardo O’Higgins 5325 avenue. Initially with five adhered stores, the network was recently extended to the 27 branches of the Disco and Vea supermarkets.

For its part, the incorporation of the HyH supermarkets added eight collection spaces, available during regular business hours at the branches of Tablada 40 (Centro), San Martin 549 (Centro), Avenida Vélez Sarsfield 870 (Güemes), Ovidio Lagos 253 (General Paz), Donosa Avenue 3820 (Manantiales), Republic of China 1450 -La Rosella Complex (Valle Escondido) and Valparaíso Avenue 4250 (Tejas del Sur I).

Carrefour hypermarkets have five collection points. These are the branches located at Avenida Colón 4880 (Villa Urquiza), Avenida O’Higgins 3765 (Jardín Espinosa), Recta Martinolli 7500 (Quintas de Argüello), Boulevard Granaderos 2906 (Alto Verde) and Juan B. Justo 4775 (Pan-American Expansion ).

The five Ithurbide company branches are also available, located at: Juan B. Justo 4100; Sabattini 3250; Velez Sarsfield 3458; Colon 4880; Hyper Liberty Poet Lugones.

Likewise, the three Vehicle Inspection plants of the city of Córdoba located at Avenida Cárcano 182, Collector of Avenida Circunvalación Sur, Camino a San Antonio and Avenida Japón are incorporated into the collection of batteries. The National University of Córdoba recently joined the program, initially placing two containers in the Argentina Pavilion, Haya de la Torre 41.

Containers were installed at different points of the Bus Terminal I (Avenida Presidente Perón 380). Other internal collection points located in the Recical company and the Quilmes malting plant also contribute to the system.