La Casa de La Rioja Córdoba, through the Culture Coordination area, presents a new edition of the “Peña Riojana” cultural event that brings together leading figures, emerging artists and visitors from La Rioja who come to the city with the hope of sharing their art.

La Peña will display its essence next Thursday, July 14, and will have the participation of Marta Chancalay (godmother of the rock), Joaquín Tello (Musician and composer from Rioja), Carlos Paredes (Musician and composer) and Cristina Velazco (Music and composer from Rioja). .

In addition, there will be a moment of encounter with the sensitivity of the written word. Moderated by Javi Sosa, there will be a “Poetry Slam” where reading and silence will allow us to reflect on the works of writers from La Rioja and Cordoba.

The appointment will be with “free and open” admission, starting at 9:00 p.m., at “Storni Resto Bar”, located at Av. Duarte Quirós 66.

It should be noted that this cycle is part of an agenda that seeks to promote cultural spaces to provide support, dissemination, visibility and development to the Rioja community in Córdoba.