Nahuel Penisi wanted to show his love for the Argentine national team, which is why he used the soundtrack of “Parallel Universe”, one of his most popular creations, and adapted the lyrics to turn it into a message of encouragement for the Scaloneta. The new song was titled “Selection how I love you”.

The theme was performed by Sancor Seguros to encourage the National Team in the run-up to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The song has been one of the artist’s greatest hits, which was also performed in a quartet version with the Cordoban band La Konga .

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The original version of Nahuel Pennisi along with La Konga has more than 70 million views on YouTube. It was even chosen as the best quartet song of the year at the Gardel Awards. Now, the new version of the singer has caused a furor in the networks and received hundreds of messages in support of him and the Argentine National Team.

Watch the video here: