Natalia De la Sota, current national deputy and member of the Córdoba Federal Bloc, referred to her position in the 2023 elections and the possible role she could play by accompanying the ruling party of Hacemos por Córdoba, with Martín Llaryora in the gubernatorial candidacy and Daniel Passerini in the quartermaster.

In this regard, De la Sota said: “I would like and I feel readyI think it is a new stage that is beginning. Of course I would like to accompany Martín Llaryora as lieutenant governor”.

“Beyond the specific places, which of course I would be proud to occupy, we must think about how we do as a political force to continue with this transformation of Córdoba. With hits and misses De la Sota and Schiaretti transformed Córdoba throughout all these years and forever. We have to continue this process, thinking about updated public policies in these times, without losing our essence, which is to be close to the people, managing with a federal sense, with all the mayors throughout the province, that’s what I want to work on.” remarked.

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De la Sota also made reference to the national context and the Legislative Assembly last Wednesday: “I deeply wish that we definitively overcome these differences, which are often irreconcilable. This can not go on like this. We need to be able to talk, sit at a table, agree on some issues. Those who think differently from us will continue to be there and will continue to exercise their role, and we will have to live with those who think differently. That we talk, that we dialogue, has nothing to do with whether we think alike, but it is essential that we do so. And it is necessary for the 45 million Argentines that we are “he emphasized.

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“Our Córdoba Federal block – he explained – accompanies measures proposed by Together for Change, or initiatives of the Frente de Todos. It is about that, to accompany laws or initiatives that we think are good for Córdoba or for Argentines in general. It is not about positioning ourselves at one extreme or the other, we have already seen how harmful all this is for our society and for political coexistence”he mused.

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