The national deputy, Natalia de la Sota, asked today “not to overwhelm people with discussions that only matter to politics.” In dialogue with Televisora ​​Regional Unimar (TRU) of Marcos Juárez, she expressed: “I understand that this microclimate of the election and of the candidacies and of the small things of politics overwhelms people. Politics must be close again, in each locality, manage again and form bonds of trust with the different sectors of society: With production and the business sector, with social organizations, with the public sector, teachers, health teams.

“You have to rebuild that bond of trust that many times, and given the situation of our country and society in general, the macroeconomic context, the anger of the people, are damaged – De la Sota said -. You have to focus on that. It is very difficult, moreover, in a country where the only thing the political leadership does is kill itself and say barbaric things to each other through the media, ”she remarked.

De la Sota stressed that “society has every right to be angry with the political class. Now, we must show that politics is the tool for transformation. Politics must once again feel like a noble and service activity. I sincerely think that the foam must be lowered, people need rational leaders, they need calm. The people of Cordoba ask us to think about them, about how to reassure society and give answers to the enormous difficulties they face every day”.

Regarding the provincial formula of Hacemos por Córdoba for the election on June 25, De la Sota indicated that “it is not yet defined. Of course I would be honored, I would like to, and I feel prepared to support the candidacy of Martín Llaryora and be vice-governor of the Province. It will be a decision that will be made soon and that we will resolve within our strength but it doesn’t make me lose sleep either. I am working very well in Congress and I know that there are men and women who can fill that place, ”she concluded.