The Secretary of Domestic Trade, led by Roberto Feletti, sent a request for information asking firms to submit data on production, factory outlet prices, sales to distributors, as well as production and marketing costs. The statement was sent to the companies Guerrini, Bridgestone, Corral, FATE, Fortalein SA, Neumasur, Larocca and Pirelli.

Internal Trade explained that the remission of “the production by type of tire in the last (12) months, the sale price at the factory outlet, by type of tire, in the last twelve (12) months, the price of sales to distributors, by type of tire, in the last twelve (12) months, the suggested retail price, by type of tire, in the last twelve (12) months and the evolution of the main production and marketing costs , by type of tire, of the last twelve (12) months”.

The official report indicated that the requirement is made with the objective of evaluating and analyzing price increases in the sector and making the tire market in the country transparent. Finally, the Ministry of Commerce explained that “the price of tires is a very important issue, since its value affects the entire distribution chain, with land transport being the main mode of distribution of goods throughout the country.”

Source: Telam