This Wednesday, the creation of a digital database for users of public gas and electricity services was published in the Official Gazette of the Nation.

This is the first provision of the year of the Undersecretary of Energy Planning, and the context is the holding of public hearings that will lead to the imminent rise in rates after a broad freeze due to the pandemic.

Still without a start-up date, details were formally provided. After two and a half years of management, the central administration confirms in this way that it could not resolve the issue. From now on, to whom to grant subsidies and to whom is not the substantive discussion, but the reality at the country level is not known.

Within this framework, the official decision to create the “Roster of beneficiaries of the system of subsidies for users of the service”.

The advance payment of the brand new registration indicates that each owner of the service must resort to the official portal to provide details, by way of a Sworn Declaration and under the umbrella of the Personal Data Protection Law.

All data requested

-Tramit number





-Date of Birth

-Socioeconomic data

-Employment situation

-Contact information

-Address declared by the user

-Postal Code

-Relationship with home

-Light service data

-Gas service data

-Data of the living group


Source: Undersecretary of Energy Planning of Argentina