The Ministry of Domestic Trade ordered this Thursday, April 7, the renewal of two of the main current programs, + Care Prices and Care Cuts. Within this framework, it also launched a new basket of products for local businesses and another of fruit and vegetables at reference values ​​in supermarkets.

What are the products?

To the 1,359 products included in the current agreement, another 404 are added, incorporated through the private trust for flour 000 and dry noodles. This structural program integrates a wide range of products in the areas of warehouse, cleaning, bookstore, perfumery, personal care and hygiene, items for babies, pets, fresh products such as dairy products, cold cuts, fresh pasta, empanada and cake tops, frozen foods and beverages. .

Where to buy them?

They are available every day of the week in large retail and wholesale supermarket chains such as Jumbo, Vea, Disco, Changomás, Coto, Carrefour, Día, Josimar, La Anónima, Libertad, Vital, Cooperativa Obrera, Super Santiago, Himisa Supermarket, Beltran , Blü, Borbotti, El Solar, El Zorzón, Único, El Abastecedor and Alfa.

Source: Ministry of Domestic Trade