Our country is facing an alarming food crisis that affects a significant percentage of the population. According to a study conducted by the Center of Storekeepers and Retail Merchants of the Province of Córdobathe combination of inflation and the constant increase in the prices of basic foods aggravated the nutritional deficit in Argentina.

The report was carried out last month on a total of 4,800 homes in the 23 provinces of the national territory. For the same they used telephone and face-to-face interviews. The objective of this initiative was determine the food situation of households with monthly economic income below and slightly above the poverty line.

The results of the study revealed a worrying situation in terms of access to basic foods in Argentine homes. Six groups of households were established, with monthly income ranging from $100,000 to $250,000, and the variety and quantity of food products that they could acquire in relation to the Basic Food Basket proposed by INDEC was compared.

In this regard, it was found that, due to unbridled inflation, the lowest income households are experiencing severe food deficits. It is increasingly difficult for them to access adequate food, since economic resources do not allow them to cover their basic needs.

In this regard, it was indicated that 77% of children from poor families do not eat breakfast and 71% do not eat dinner. While, 62% do not snack and 46% do not eat lunch. They are boys who belong to households whose income is up to $100,000. On the other hand, it was added that adults in those same families also skip meals: 88% do not have dinner, 82% do not have breakfast, 61% do not have lunch, and 44% do not have a snack. In those homes meat, vegetables and fruits are no longer eaten.

Next, the Warehouse Center considered that “Argentina needs a comprehensive approach that addresses both the structural causes of the food crisis and the immediate needs of its population. Only through joint efforts and coordinated actions will it be possible to overcome this crisis and ensure that all Argentines have access to adequate food and nourishing.”

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