This Tuesday June 27 commemorates the National HIV Test Day, a day promoted for remember the importance of taking the test and knowing the serological status. That is, the presence or not of antibodies. Many people live with doubts about the study results by fear to what happens next. However, arriving late diagnosis delays the possibility of accessing a antiretroviral treatment appropriate. In this sense, the State and health organizations encourage the population to take the test and learn about the matter.

Within this framework, this Tuesday in Córdoba, tests and counseling will be offered, and prevention activities for HIV and STIs will be carried out at the Texas Parkof 15 to 18. It should be noted that this point will remain active on all business days until July 7. Besides, days of testing and awareness will be added in the Rio Tercero Hospital – Estanislao del Campo S/N – from 10; and in the CEPAT of Alta Gracia –Dino Carigniani 140- from 8 to 11.

It should be noted that the test is free and voluntary, and that the delivery of results is done confidentially. In the event that a test is positive, the team provides the necessary advice and accompaniment.

HIV infection may not show symptoms for a long time, so the only way to know if you have contracted it is through a lab testa blood test that detects the presence of antibodies to this virus.

It is recommended perform the HIV and STI test if you had unprotected sexual intercourse, if you are planning or undergoing a pregnancy (in each quarter) or if you have sex with a pregnant person (also, in each trimester of gestation).