This Thursday, the confirmation of a new increase in tolls administered by the national government was published in the Official Gazette.

In accordance with the regulations, the new prices “will be valid from the time they are made known to users through their publication during two days in a rowin at least two of the main journalistic media in the area of ​​influence, prior to its application”.

In the province of Córdoba, four cabins are included and five categories govern to determine the values. These will be the new prices:

  • – Category 1 (vehicles up to two axles, up to 2.30 meters and without double wheels): the value will be $100.
  • – Category 2 (vehicles with up to 2 axles and more than 2.30 meters and/or with double wheels): the cost is $200
  • – Category 3 (vehicles with 2 to 4 axles): the value will be $300
  • – Category 4 (vehicles with 5 or 6 axles): it will cost $400
  • – Category 5 (vehicles with more than 6 axles): the price will be $500